Exhibit Schedule


All pieces exhibited on this website are one-of-a-kind sculptures that have been designed and hand-made by the artist alone in painted mild steel, meticulously metal-finished stainless steel, or bronze.


An idea is refined and the process begins.  The first pattern is made, then a piece of metal of the desired thickness (usually 10 to 14 gauge) is cut to an exact shape with a plasma torch.  The metal is then carefully forged into a particular form.  Each surface of the sculpture will be a separate piece of hand-forged material.  The pieces are then welded together using a combination of the mig, tig, and gas welding processes.


Outdoor sculptures in mild steel require a three-step painting process.  Multiple coats of primer are applied, followed by a two-part urethane paint, the first part being the base color and the second part being a clear UV-resistant top coat.  Multiple layers of all three parts give the pieces extended durability.  All painted outdoor sculptures carry a warranty on the finish.

Stainless steel pins are used on all outdoor pieces for mounting the sculpture to the desired base.  This pin allows the pieces to be rotated a full 360 degrees for any desired view.  The use of stainless steel insures maintenance-free construction regardless of the elements in which the piece will exist.

Metal Detailing

Stainless steel and bronze sculptures are detailed to eliminate any trace of the welding process and then to achieve a flawless finish.  This is further enhanced by the use of multiple textures and techniques developed by the artist.  Various patinas are used on bronze sculptures, and once the desired results have been achieved, the piece is waxed.

Attention to detail and precise craftsmanship are hallmarks of all of Dennis Heimbach's work.